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Criminal justice is just one of our specialties here at Law Office Of Juris Dumpis. We handle lots of cases that are pertinent to San Mateo, CA and the Bay Area at large. For example, if you are an artist in dispute over payment or use of a piece of art, we are the best team of lawyers to assist you because we have lots of experience with dispute dissolution, settlements and copyright laws. We have represented some of the highest profile artists, collectors and galleries in Northern California and we are ready to go to court for you.
Additionally, we have intimate knowledge of injury and negligent conduct cases. If you have been injured by a person or on the property of a corporation, our goal is to get you as much compensation as possible. We work hard on all the cases we receive and commit a specialized team based on the nature of your case. You will get the representation you deserve no matter what the situation is when you hire us.
Juris Dumpis has been practicing law for over 20 years. He has a passion for representing adults and juveniles charged in criminal cases ranging from minor traffic citations to murder. Under his guidance, we as a law firm have become a highly effective and specialized team that shares his passion for criminal defense. Find out more about us today!