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There is no one that knows criminal law in San Mateo, CA better than we do here at Law Office Of Juris Dumpis. Fueled by witnessing the atrocities at the Isla Vista riots in 1970, our leader set out on a mission to make sure that people young and old in San Mateo, CA and San Francisco are represented fairly in the court of law. Our team of lawyers are well-known in criminal and misdemeanor court all over the Bay Area and we instill fear in the hearts of DA’s.
It is our solemn duty to protect your constitutional rights as far as we are concerned. We conduct extensive preparation and research, build a strong case and present challenge evidence to defend you. We have a very high rate of case dismissals as we are extraordinarily familiar with criminal rights and police oversights. Here are just a few of the cases we will gladly take:

  • Assault—Assault is a felony charge so don’t take it lying down. If you have a case we will tell you and present it with all the fervor and zeal that you would if you could.
  • Domestic Violence—Domestic violence cases are hardly ever what they appear to be so let us work for you to present a favorable case to the judge on your behalf.
  • DUI—There is no reason you have to simply accept a DUI. Everyone makes mistakes but you shouldn’t be nailed to the wall for it. We are DUI experts and can often get charges totally dropped or reduced to a wet and reckless.
If you have never worked with us in the past we would like to let you know that we offer first time client specials. We don’t want to see anyone go without legal representation because they feel it would be too expensive for them to afford. We know criminal law in San Mateo, CA and our rates are very affordable so contact us soon!