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Effective legal advice is just a consultation away when you come to our law office in San Mateo, CA. There is no lawyer or paralegal in our office that does not have a passion for effectively representing our clients. We are very proud of our team because we boast one of the best success rates in our cases in the entire Bay Area. If you are in need of aggressive criminal defense or need to go after a major corporation for damages and injuries, there is no opponent in the court of law that we are afraid to take on.
We are on your side through thick and thin here at Law Office Of Juris Dumpis. We will be honest with you and establish a strong line of communication as is so crucial for building a defense. We offer:

  • Expert Counseling—We are your partners in achieving the goals you are after in court. We will tell you everything you need to know and effectively gather pertinent information form all parties involved.
  • Art Law—There is no one in the Bay Area that knows more about art law than we do here at Law Office Of Juris Dumpis.
  • Injury Representation—We are well-known for getting maximum compensation to clients who feel they have been injured or otherwise wronged by individuals and corporations.
Our record for extensive success is unmatched by any other law office in San Mateo, CA. We are your best bet for victory in the courtroom so please put us to work for you!